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We’re factory. We specialize in micro dc motor and dc gear motor for more than 14 years.

We can draw up an Ali Assurance Order Online for our new customer, which can pay online with Master Card, Visa, etc. Customer also can pay with PayPal or TT etc.

Yes, we can customize a suitable motor according to our customer’s requirements.

Yes, we have CE, FCC, ISO, etc. If you have the other certificates requirement, we can apply it for you.

We have professional checking staff on every production line process. After finishing the whole motor, we have the entire quality machine to test the motor. Such as Hardness Tester, 2.5D Image Tester, Salt Spray Chamber, Life Tester, Temperature Test Machine, and Noise tester etc.

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Mini geared motor is a new type of small transmission parts, featuring small size, light weight, safety and reliability, simple structure, low noise and so on. Mini geared motors are driven by small motors and convert the rotational energy of the motor into low-speed motion through a series of gear transmissions to meet specific functional requirements, and its reliability and durability are the most important considerations in measuring miniature geared motors.

Small gear motor is the most commonly used power equipment in various mechanical equipment. It can realize the functions of steering, transmission and control of mechanical equipment, and is an important equipment for realizing the power output and position control of mechanical equipment. Small geared motor is characterized by lightweight, reliable and compact structure. It has a low failure rate and high load no-load capacity, and has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance, can work in complex environments for a long time, is the ideal equipment for high-precision control and high-precision positioning control.

A geared motor, also known as a gear reducer motor, is a type of motor that utilizes a gear reducer to reduce the torque and decrease the rotational speed to achieve the need to drive a specific load. This type of motor is a commonly used drive that converts high speed rotation to low speed rotation, thus converting the engine power to lower power to fulfill the need to drive a specific load.

Worm motor is a power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed converter of the gear to reduce the number of rotations of the DC motor (motor) to the desired speed and increase the torque; Worm motor is developed on the original miniature DC gearmotor, for example, the ZWMD12012 model gearmotor is mm gearmotor is customized and developed according to the customer’s requirements for automotive . Ship. Aircraft. Locomotives. Motorcycle. Machine tools. Automated production lines, etc.

The working principle of the speed control motor is to change the speed of the DC motor by changing the speed switching amount so that it can output mechanical energy. DC motors are not commutated, and changing the speed of DC motors can be realized by changing the amount of speed switching. If the DC motor is commutated, the output mechanical energy is unchanged. Speed control motor in two-phase AC current through the DC motor, due to the DC motor speed is different, the magnetic field force when the current flows through the DC motor makes the DC motor

12v DC brushless motor in the electrical energy into mechanical energy at the same time, they also lose part of the energy, typical AC motor loss can be generally divided into fixed loss, variable loss and stray loss three parts. Variable loss is changed with the load, including motor stator resistance loss (copper loss), motor rotor resistance loss and carbon brush resistance loss; fixed loss has nothing to do with the load, including motor core loss and mechanical equipment loss.